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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Digital Latter-day Saints - SUCCESS!

Well, last Sunday was a success. The missionaries decided to make a last minute change and came in person to the fireside instead of skyping in. It was fun though because the audience got to interact with them more comfortably.

There were four people that sang a musical number, and a girl shared her experiences sharing the gospel with her friends and making a mormon.org profile. If the missionaries gave the most inspiring message of the night, she gave the most motivating portion because it showed that what we were talking about was possible.

James Wilcox added his experiences of translating a Prezi presentation that the missionaries use into another language.

We ended by showing a slide show of all the websites that the church maintains.

It was a great and uplifting experience. The next event we have planned is the final showcase. December 9, 7-9pm in the JKB.

Come check it out!!

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  1. Your presentation today was great. Well done!